Nano Mist


“Nano mist is a non-plant-based, scientifically engineered product that uses positively charged nanoparticles that annihilate germs and bacteria.

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As you can clearly see on the bean germinating experiment where we used NANO MIST, the cotton wool remained white and clear proving how it kills germs, whereas the one on the left, which was fed tap water, is full of mould. Colds and flu always start in your nasal cavities as the germs love to go there because of the heat and moisture. Nano mist is highly effective at killing those germs.

TOP: without Nano Mist. BOTTOM: with Nano Mist


  1. southcapenet

    So on the back of my post about my Husband’s sinus issues, and him asking me to punch him in the face, or chop his face off, and in desperation I reached out to the locals. Well, a local came through for us, Mike Stone. We got this stuff, and after only 13hours my husband was up and about cooking a traditional English breakfast and breathing happily. His sinuses are sorted, he his as happy as a fish in the ocean.
    Thanks locals, and definitely, if anyone has sinus issues, this is the stuff to use.
    Talia Day Halderman

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