Glycerine Infused Oil 30 ml


“Our glycerine infused oil is the most popular seller.  It contains 30 000 ppm pure extract and has a 14 day infusion period under controlled heat.  This is milder than the Full Extract Oil and is good for all-round use.”

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A general guideline on Glycerine-Infused Oil would be as follows:

N.B. Each person will react differently on different dosages. Thus, we suggest a lower dosage initially and increasing as a person adjusts to it.

2 – 3 drops, 3 times daily, increasing to 5 drops, 3 times daily. This is for someone who is treating more severe cases.

We recommend that you start taking the oil in the evenings for the first week until your body has adjusted to the oil.

As a general maintenance dose, suggested is 5 drops, daily.

It is better to place the drops under the tongue for maximum absorption.

Disease and Health Benefits

Analgesic (reduces pain)
Anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation)
Anti-insomnia (sleep aid)
Anti-Sleep Apnea (reduces sleep apnea in animal studies)
Anti-depressant (assists with depression)
Anxiolytic (relieves anxiety)
Anti-psychotic (reduces psychotic behaviour)
Anti-spasmodic (relieves spasms)
Anti-epileptic (suppresses epileptic fits)
Neuroprotective (protects from neurodegenerative diseases)
Intestinal anti-prokinetic (digestive aid)
Anti-emetic (reduces nausea)
Appetite stimulant (encourages eating and appetite)
Anti-bacterial (effective against bacteria)
Anti-microbial (inhibits growth of microorganisms)
Antioxidant (fights free radicals in the bloodstream)
Anti-diabetic (reduces diabetic symptoms)
Anti-psoriasis (helps with itching/psoriasis)
Bone stimulant (helps with bone growth)
Anti-proliferative (inhibits tumour cell growth)
Suppressive (helps for lupus/rheumatoid arthritis)
Anti-ischemic (reduces risk of artery blockage)
Vasorelaxant (relaxes veins for better blood flow)
Allograft stimulant (minimizes organ rejection)
Intraocular eye pressure (reduces pressure from glaucoma


Acquired Hypothyroidism,   Acute Gastritis,  Agoraphobia,  Age-related illness, Alcohol abuse, Alopecia Areata, Alzheimer’s,  Amphetamine Dependency, Amyloidosis,  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Angina Pectoris,  Ankylosis,  Anorexia,  Anorexia Nervosa,  Anxiety,  Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease,  Arthritis,  Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Arthropathy, Gout,  Asperger’s,  Asthma,  ADD/ADHD,  Autism,  Autoimmune Disease,  Back Pain,  Back Sprain,  Bells Palsy,  Bipolar Disorder,  Brain Tumour,  Bruxism,  Bulimia,  Cachexia,  Cancer,  Carpal Tunnel,  Cerebral Palsy,  Cervical Disk Disease,  Cervicobrachial Syndrome, COPD.

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