My lump has reduced in size

I come into contact with Mike in December 2016. I had taken a bad fall and I hurt my one breast. It had stinging pains for a while until the day I felt it. I had a lump as big as the “old” R1 coin. Now as I have experienced cancer within my family losing my mother, sister and 2 brothers to cancer, the last thing I want to know is that I have it too. My choice not to have it diagnosed as I would definitely not have an operation nor would I go for chemo or radiation. I have seen the negative outcome of all of this. I started to use Full Extract Canna Oil supplied by Mike. I have not looked back 1 day with regrets. Soon the lump was reducing in size. I have not used it constantly (finances not allowing), but I had the best results never the less. As I have used the capsules, syringe, and drops. Soon the lump had reduced to the size of a pea. I have not changed anything about my diet and yet I have had the results, showing that it works. I can for sure recommend Mike’s products. Mike’s pricing is best for the best product on the market.  Denise


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