A guide on Cannabis Oil Dosage

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Be aware of  cannabis oil suppliers in South Africa that use Benzene, Isopropy alcohol, Naptha, Acetone or Butane to make cannabis oil.

We suggest buying cannabis oil in South Africa from suppliers that use either food grade ethanol or CO2 extraction methods to make cannabis oil.

Some people do use coconut oil to infuse the Cannabis in.  This method is acceptable although it will not be as strong as cannabis oil processed with food grade ethanol or CO2 extraction methods.

Was the product decarboxylated? Does it have THC in it?

When starting with cannabis oil it is important to start off slowly to test ones tolerance for cannabis.

If using a FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) product then you would need to start off with a  1/2 rice grain /matchstick head size and it should be taken on or under the tongue,  or eaten on a piece of food or put into gelatin capsules.  

Wait at least two hours before repeating this dose if it is your first time so as to experience the full effects.

If you are treating something like Cancer the idea is to saturate the body with the cannabinoids and this should be done at a patient’s own pace and tolerance level.  The recommended dosage for the treatment of cancer is 60g in 90 days.  

If you are using it for another ailment or disease also start off just as slow and then use responsibly and at your own discretion.

If you are using a cannabis oil blend or tincture start off slow as well to test tolerance, perhaps two to three drops maximum for the first dose to test the strength of the product.

If too much cannabis oil that has a HIGH THC content is ingested it may make you feel inebriated or stoned.

Should you find yourself uncomfortably high/intoxicated from ingesting too much Cannabis then my next blog will tell you how to counteract these effects.  

Some people choose to use the capsules as suppositories,  as this way there is little to no psychotropic or ‘HIGH’ effects as the Oil doesn’t get metabolized in the liver. 

For the first week the Cannabis Oil may make you feel tired and drowsy.

This is normal as it is your body getting accustomed to the THC and other Cannabinoids in the Oil.

Try and relax, get some rest, even sleep if possible as it is important to allow ones body to rest as rest is a part of the healing process.

It is imported to stay hydrated to flush the body of the toxins.

Regular use of Cannabis Oil may lower blood pressure and thin the blood so it is important to keep this in mind if on any medication for the above. Discuss this with your doctor before stopping any prescribed medication.

One cannot rely on Cannabis Oil alone.   A lifestyle change if necessary.  Eat a healthy, organic diet if possible,  stop smoking,  cut down on alcohol consumption and try to remove all forms of stress.

A lot of South Africans are choosing to use Cannabis Oil in conjunction with their Chemo treatments to assist with alleviating nausea symptoms.

It is not recommended to use Cannabis Oil in conjunction with Morphine use.

If you are using Cannabis Oil for pain management then start off slow as recommended and work out what daily dose will be suitable for your needs.

The goal should be to find a balance, enough to take care of the problem, but not enough to make you stoned or disrupt your daily life.

Cannabis Oil Storage

Cannabis Oil should be stored in a cool and dark place.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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