How Mike Stone Oils was born

At a young age I was exposed to dreaded Cancer, having lost my Granny, who raised me until the age of 8, she was only 59 years old and then my Aunt at the age of 49.  Both these women played a pivotal role in my life and were taken far too soon. 

If Cannabis oil was freely available and not stigmatised, I have no doubt that they would have still been with us.  I watched these two brave women fighting for all they were worth and going through the debilitating side effects of chemo, only to lose the battle in the end. 

Later on my wife and I started having our own health issues.  A few years ago we started investigating the claims about Cannabis Oil and its health benefits.  We decided to make Cannabis Oil as a natural remedy and to get off the chemical, prescription drugs that come with the unwanted and unnecessary side effects.   That is when our lives turned around!!  Having seen the success for ourselves we decided that we would like to help others as well.  We started with our family and friends.  The results were amazing!!

We now manufacture and supply our Oils and Cannabis Cream all over South Africa, delivered to your doorstep.  We have many happy clients whose quality of life has improved drastically.  We will share the success stories with your and the knowledge we have gained in our bi-weekly articles.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to e-mail us


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