Mike Stone oils is a legendary brand who are passionate about CBD products and all the natural and medicinal benefits it brings to clients looking at alternatives for conventional medicine. We only use the finest natural ingredients in all our premium medicinal-grade products which goes through a 3-stage filtration system to minimise plant matter in the oils. Food Grade Ethanol is used for the extraction process and Vegetable Grade Glycerine is used to infuse the oil. Our final stage is a purging process to ensure that the best quality oils and cream are produced.

“My lump has reduced in size”

I come into contact with Mike in December 2016. I had taken a bad fall and I hurt my one breast. It had stinging pains for a while until the day I felt it. I had a lump as big as the “old” R1 coin. Now as I have experienced cancer within my family losing my mother, sister and 2 brothers to cancer, the last thing I want to know is that I have it too. My choice not to have it diagnosed as I would definitely not have an operation nor would I go for chemo or radiation. I have seen the negative outcome of all of this. I started to use Full Extract Canna Oil supplied by Mike. I have not looked back 1 day with regrets. Soon the lump was reducing in size. I have not used it constantly (finances not allowing), but I had the best results never the less. As I have used the capsules, syringe, and drops. Soon the lump had reduced to the size of a pea. I have not changed anything about my diet and yet I have had the results, showing that it works. I can for sure recommend Mike’s products. Mike’s pricing is best for the best product on the market.


1 month review on Mike Stone canna oil

My husband had a massive stroke on the 6th of August 2018, he had a left CVA with right side paralysis and global aphasia. His speech is completely gone, can’t read or write, and communication is a complete mess.
For the first month, there was no great improvement and he suffered from really bad insomnia, that was not only bad for him, but for me too as I couldn’t sleep until he has fallen asleep.
I was advised to try the canna oil and see how it goes with him as I was using it for my autoimmune, that by the way has been in remission for 2 years now using only Mike Stone Oils. I decided to do a bit of research on stroke patients as I know it’s used for other neuro conditions, it turned out that his products had a great effect on stroke patients regenerating new brain cells, so I decided to start him off only once a day.
He has not really been getting physiotherapy or occupational therapy as the public hospitals are only limited to once a month and the physio department was flooded with heavy rains so he has not been able to get that as yet.
He has been on the oil for just over a month now, he started getting use in his leg, can stand and walk now with assistance, last week he started bending his elbow, whereas he couldn’t move his arm at all nor feel anything. And 2 days ago out of the blue he counted from 1 to 10 and managed to write his name with his left hand. The speech is very slurry, but it’s understandable. This morning he started moving his ankle being able to flex his foot. I know it might not be a big deal to some but its a great achievement.

“This stuff is the best quality I have found so far”

Hi people. I’m a user for more than a decade. I tried a few people’s stock. This stuff is the best quality I have found so far in S.A and Mike always there to help if you need answers.